Anti-Racism Policy


As of June 2020, we have updated our existing Equality, Diversion and Inclusion Policy to include a number of additional commitments that we will make to address the racial injustice that exists in the PR industry, and commit to promoting, fostering and celebrating black talent.


At this time, businesses need to admit they need to do more, put people before profit and commit to making a difference on a larger scale. By making these commitments publicly we are holding ourselves accountable to our team, our clients, and the industry to do more.

It is our aim to be an actively anti-racist business.


1. Suppliers

We will actively grow our supplier list to include more black-owned businesses and will only work with suppliers where they have a demonstrable commitment to employing a diverse workforce.

We will actively grow our network of black talent within the creative industries and strive to work with these individuals whenever possible.


2. Recruitment

We only work with recruiters who are actively committed to anti-racism and can ensure us that we will be put in touch with black candidates for interviews.

We will strive to employ more black PR professionals, at all levels within our business, Our long-term goal is that 25% of our staff will come from a (BME) Black or Minority Ethnic background.


3. Our time and expertise

We will proactively seek out opportunities to support charities pro bono that promote racial equality.

Any team member will be allowed to freely take time off to attend protests against racial injustice.

We will only support awards and industry initiatives with a clear D&I policy and will only appear on panels that have a diverse selection of speakers and experts.

We will commit to seeking out opportunities to reach young people in the black community via a network of schools, with the aim of encouraging more school leavers to consider jobs in PR.


4. Transparency

We will continually review our anti-racism progress. How we recruit, how we work with third parties, the influencers and talent we work with, the language we use, the decks we write, the way we behave. We will publish results and make changes to these commitments as we go to ensure we are always on a journey of improvement. We know this is just the start.