Nothing Wrong With A Little Prick



The Campaign

Finger prick blood test, Thriva, allows you to measure and track cholesterol, liver function, iron and vitamin deficiencies over time. Each test is analysed by CPA-accredited labs, with a full report produced by a GP.


As a new company, we needed to find a super impactful, super low-cost way for Thriva to break into mainstream media and let people know about its new finger prick technology.  After all, “there’s nothing wrong with a little prick”.   And, with that in mind, who better than Ant Smith, author of ‘The Small Penis Bible’ and the man with the smallest penis in the UK, to front our campaign.


We bought two media sites in London, created two tongue-in-cheek ads, and PRed the hell out of them.


Coverage was absolutely mad. Metro, Sun, Mail, Star, Mirror, Mail again, LadBible, Independent, UniLad, err – another piece on the Mail. Not to mention a load of international media that proactively got in touch with us.


Total reach: 735M