Becoming A Father



The Campaign

God of War is one of the most successful PlayStation exclusive franchises, selling millions of copies over the course of seven games. In the series so far, players have taken control of Kratos, an angry Spartan warrior who seeks vengeance against the Gods in the world of Greek mythology.


As the series moved to PS4, it was given a reboot. Kratos has changed, becoming wiser and more mature. The cause of that change? He has become a father.


By showcasing the transformative effect of fatherhood, we could tell the powerful story at the heart of the new God of War game.


To do this, we teamed up with celebrated photographer Tom Oldham and an NHS maternity ward.


We spent a very emotional week embedded in University Hospital Lewisham’s maternity ward to create a series of portraits of men immediately before and immediately after they become fathers for the first time. The ‘before’ portraits shone a light on the nerves and tension seen in the fathers-to-be, followed by the ‘after’ portraits which reflected the joy and elation that the new dads experienced when meeting their child for the first time.


Media loved this and referred to the photo series as ‘emotional’ and ‘striking’. The story drove global news –all of which referenced the transformation at the heart of the game – including Evening Standard, Metro, Mail Online, Independent, Vanity Fair and Huffington Post.


Total Reach: 414 Million