Business for punks #Hopdesk



The Campaign

Start-up passion courses through BrewDog’s veins – after all, it wasn’t so long ago that the company consisted of just two guys with a passion for beer and their dog. Still fiercely independent despite having grown a fair bit, the BrewDog founders were massively receptive to our idea of using their artisanal coffee launch as an opportunity to help support the smallest of fledgling businesses.


From experience, we knew that one of the biggest hurdles to starting up is affording a creative environment to work from.
Our solution: The BrewDog Hotdesk (err, we mean HopDesk – it’s a beer business after all).


If you were a fledgling local business with dreams of making it massive, BrewDog wanted to hear from you. All our budding entrepreneurs needed to do was send @BrewDog a 140 character business plan using the #HopDesk hashtag.


The winning business in each city was granted access to an especially reserved Business Punk area for them to kickstart their new venture. As part of the package we included phone line, internet connection, stationery, coffee on tap (obviously) and business mentoring from BrewDog co-founder James Watt (recent author of ‘Business For Punks’, the irreverent BrewDog guide to starting-up without selling out).


The initiative was launched simultaneously across five trial sites. In doing so we turned an irreverent Scottish craft beer brand into the UK’s least likely business incubator (and obviously got plenty of juicy #cov in doing so too).