CALM Comedy Club



The Campaign

Soon after Boris Johnson told us all to stay home, Twitter polled its UK users on how they were coping in lockdown.


What we found out was not good news. 1 in 3 were struggling with their mental health. This became our reason to act. We needed to point these Twitter users to a place where they could get some help and advice when they needed it the most. As the government’s 5pm daily briefings became increasingly alarming, we wanted to create an alternative daily moment that would be uplifting for the nation as a whole.


We buddied up with leading mental health charity CALM to create #CALMComedyClub, a daily 30-minute comedy set streamed live on Twitter. Each day, a top UK comedian took over @theCALMzone to deliver their sets, as well as a serious message about how CALM were there to help should viewers need their support.


We had @russell_kane explore the erotica of hand sanitiser, @PaulChowdhry sharing the problems of arguing with his imaginary girlfriend, @NigelNg revealing the Coronavirus ‘home remedies’ his family keep texting him, @DaneBaptiste on the joys of avoiding the office, and finally @SeannWalsh just did a load of impressions and a really weird bit about the contents of his fridge.


1.3 million Twitter users tuned in live at 3pm during the week. That’s 3x the audience of the Edinburgh festival And, if 1 in 3 Twitters users were struggling with their mental health during lockdown, that means we introduced over 400,000 people to CALM when they needed it most.


People didn’t want DIY cook-at-home recipes from brands during lock down. They wanted cheering up.


This wasn’t a campaign to get brand mentions, it was national service with branded mugs.