Darts: The Ballet


Flight Club

The Campaign

Media had already comprehensively covered the Flight Club concept when it opened in Shoreditch in 2015. Our task: launch it’s newest venue in Bloomsbury and in doing so, dispel preconceptions about what a darts activity bar is like.


We needed to smash stereotypes around ‘old darts’ and so our strategic entry point was simple: where would you be least likely find the likes of Eric Bristow, Jockey Wilson or anyone who had ever appeared on (or watched) ITV’s BullsEye?


Juice bar? Colonic spa? Yoga retreat?


Or, indeed, the ballet.


Here’s by far the most surreal idea we’ve sold this year. To launch Flight Club’s Bloomsbury Venue and dispel preconceptions about darts, we wrote Darts: The Ballet.


We partnered with The London Ballet Company to bring our magnum opus to life, and worked with its dancers to choreograph a performance ideally suited to be staged at the Flight Club Bloomsbury venue.


We shot a short fly-on-the-wall documentary in the style of The Office which followed the dancers as the attempted to get into character as darts.


We delivered coverage across dozens of media outlets, many of which embedded our video content, including: Times, Mirror, Evening Standard, Stella, GQ, Star, Daily Express, BBC, Shortlist, Fabulous, TalkSport, ITV and Hello.


Our favourite coverage quotes have included:


“This is not a production that will let you forget, even for a second, its zaniness or its ingenuity.”


“What the hot hell is this madness.”


Total reach: 130million.