Equity For Trump



The Campaign

The Romans helped BrewDog raise awareness of its revolutionary Equity For Punks crowdfunding scheme by dragging the brand into the very highest level of international debate: Sane People Of The World vs Donald Trump.


With a little quick thinking and a tongue-in-cheek early Christmas gift, The Romans turned Equity for Punks into the hottest gift for the hop-head in your life over Christmas 2015.


All for ninety-five quid.


BrewDog co-founder James Watt outlined the rationale for sending a Christmas present to the business-mogul turned hate-spouter:


“I am making the gift of two Equity for Punks shares to you with a single aim in mind – that it will spark a desire in you to get back into business… In return hopefully you will give a gift to the rest of humanity and stop trying to become leader of the free world.”


Our story made news both sides of the Atlantic, with the overarching messaging in the coverage being ‘well f**king played’.


We’ve yet to hear whether Mr. Trump will be attending the BrewDog AGM in 2016. Fingers crossed though.


(Also, why not get some EFP yourself?)