Transgender Beer: No Label



The Campaign

As a PR agency, it’s not often you get to suggest your client creates an entirely new product. But that’s exactly what happened when the UK’s largest craft beer brand, BrewDog, briefed us to launch their newest bar in Soho. As new arrivals to the area, BrewDog wanted to do something to celebrate Soho’s characteristic diversity and inclusivity.


Our solution: SCIENCE. YEAH. (And a bit of PR).


We discovered that hops – the essential flavouring ingredient in beer – are able to alter their biological composition. They can Actually. Change. Their. Gender. The result was ‘No Label’ – the world’s first transgender beer, a beer brewed exclusively from hops that have undergone a hermaphroditic male to female sex change.


In a period of just five days, the campaign delivered a whopping reach of 1.1billion.


This idea won “Campaign of The Year” at the PR Moment Awards and was shortlisted at Cannes.