GT Sport VS. The Police



The Campaign

The Gran Turismo series is famed for its realism. ‘The real driving simulator’ boasts such accurate tracks and car physics that since 2008, GT Academy has used the game to dozens of PlayStation gamers into bona-fide real-world racing drivers.


The latest in the series – GT Sport – is the most realistic yet and so we got to thinking, if this game can create genuine racing drivers, how could it be used to hone the skills of people who are already pretty badass drivers?


And so, we partnered with the police.


We brought four specialist police drivers to Silverstone – the home of British motorsport – and clocked an initial (not too shabby) lap time. Then they each jumped into our GT Sport driving simulators and honed their skills using the game, including the all-new ultra-immersive VR mode. When they headed back on track to clock a second lap time, the results were immense. Each improved their time and one officer shaved 5.7 seconds off her lap time.


Media pick up was huge, with The Sun, Times, Telegraph, Mail Online, Metro, Star and Express all reporting on the initiative, plus broadcast coverage from BBC and ITV and online pick up from dozens of gaming, tech, and motoring outlets.


Total reach: 1.6 billion ???