Hangover Days



The Campaign

Ticketing app DICE make it their mission to bring the best gigs direct to music fans – cutting out touts in the process.


DICE staff land some of their best deals while out exploring the live music scene themselves, and we all know that ‘a beer at the show’ can quickly turn into ‘after party with the band’ and a seriously sore head the next day…


To show they understand this, DICE launched ‘Hangover Days’, a benefit encouraging staff to fully embrace the company culture of discovering and enjoying live music experiences, but without having the worry about feeling rough in the office the next day. Acknowledging that calling your boss with your best sick voice before 9am is now a thing of the past, DICE allows its employees to take a “Hangover Day” by sending ‘music’, ‘beers’ and ‘sick’ emojis via WhatsApp to their boss.


The story was perfect water-cooler fodder, positioning DICE as a company putting their employees first and encouraging an inclusive and transparent culture.


The coverage was, well, insane. Evening Standard, Metro, Capital FM, Heart, Grazia, Cosmpolitan and ShortList, with UNILAD even calling for this to be a nationwide campaign. The story even became international news appearing in several media across Europe and the US.


It’s fair to say DICE has received several CVs since.


Total reach: 1.5 billion