The Campaign

For the past 100 years, lingerie advertising has been all about talking to just one audience…men. Sexy woman in heavy mascara, pouts at the camera as if she’s just been surprised in semi-undress, and she kinda likes it. Hello boys. We think that’s bullshit. Surely there’s a way to talk to women on their own terms about stuff women actually care about?


And so we created When Life Gives You Melons, an eight-part podcast series for global lingerie brand, Freya, about work, life, sex, and boobs.


Hosted by TV presenter Maya Jama, we never shied away from subject matter many brands would be terrified of, including STIs, anxiety, and addiction. But real respect real, right?


Over the course of the series, our media relations campaign delivered a massive reach of almost 1 billion.


Repeatedly charting in the UK, France and Germany, it is Europe’s most listened to branded podcast and the biggest referrer of traffic to the Freya website. 


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