Pawing Stations



The Campaign

#DogsAtPollingStations. A British political institution, on a par David Dimbleby’s all-nighters, politicians looking awkward and John Prescott punching members of the public in the face.


But there’s a problem: most polling stations don’t allow dogs inside. This leads to dogs being tied up outside, often left to go thirsty in the sun. There has even been cases where pups have been stolen. So, our challenge was simple: produce a campaign that fuels the trend, but in a way that looks after our furry friends.


We didn’t want to lecture people about not taking their dogs – it’s the best thing about polling day, after all. But we also didn’t want to encourage or enable irresponsible behaviour.


So, in order to make sure our democratic doggos were well looked after, we partnered with the Dogs Trust to educate local polling stations on how to accommodate their constituents’ dogs.


We did so by launching the Paw-ing Station to demonstrate how polling stations can prepare for #DogsAtPollingStations.


Tips included:


Making sure you’ve got water bowls out for the dogs


Finding a place in the shade for anyone waiting with their dog


Encouraging voters to bring a friend to look after the dog when they’re inside, and to turn up early to make the experience is as pleasant as possible for the dogs


The result? Bare cov, including Buzzfeed, The Telegraph, Daily Mail, Metro, The Sun, The Mirror, Daily Star and Daily Express.


2017 was the biggest year yet for #DogsAtPollingStations and, more importantly, polling stations were more prepared than ever.


Total campaign reach: 854m