Screen Sensations



The Campaign

The problem with buying a new TV is that it’s so confusing. HD. UHD. OLED. How the 4K are you meant to know what’s good? (Geddit? Lol).


We don’t really care about the number of pixels we’re seeing. All we care about is, which TV is the most exciting to watch Game Of Thrones on? Can a TV make me cheer more when my team scores?


So, we devised and executed proprietary scientific research for Samsung Europe (using electrodes, heart monitor and a electroencephalogram) proving for the first time ever, what kind of television is the most emotionally engaging. Because, after all the acronyms, graphs and techy stats, that’s all us humans actually care about, right?


The killer stat from our study: UHD TV is 38% more immersive than watching in HD.




Global coverage ensued.