Thanks For Wanking



The Campaign

We clapped for the nurses.


We donated to Captain Tom.


We coloured rainbows and hung them in our windows.


But there’s another unsung group, worthy of the nation’s gratitude.


Please give a big hand… for the wankers.


Badoo is all about honest dating. Because maybe, if you honestly open up and show another human the real you, they might actually like you for it. And, what had single people honestly been doing a lot more of during lockdown? Trying to complete Pornhub, of course.


And what vital work.


With every squeeze of lube, with every AA battery, with every resisted urge to break lockdown rules for an illicit shag, British heroes were helping stop the spread of COVID.


In terms of creative inspiration, where better to look than the last time the nation found itself in mortal peril? Classic WW2 propaganda posters provided the perfect source material for subversion to thank the nation’s masturbators.


Flick For Victory

Keep Calm & Carry on Wanking

Keep The Home Fires Burning

Make Do and Masturbate

We’ll meet again, but until then…


We then collaborated with illustrator, Alice Skinner, to take our copy and bring it life in a series of illustrations, all of which reflected Badoo’s honest dating positioning – representative, democratic, body-positive people, all really going for it solo.


The illustrations took over billboards and flyposter sites across London throughout August.


People unsurprisingly complained a fair bit.


Coverage ensured.