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All of the developmental studies in baby nutrition draw strong correlation between successful weaning and play.


It’s through play that neurological pathways are built in children’s brains – how to hold food, how to move food from hand to mouth, and how to ultimately progress to being able to use a spoon. So, when it came to a launch strategy for Ella’s Kitchen’s new finger foods, we knew play needed to be involved.


But parents and little ones were naturally hampered by COVID – going out of the house to play wasn’t so easy.


So, instead we wrote the first ever Eat Along Book.


A book designed to be read to your child as they eat, with the story and its actions and gestures designed to make mealtimes fun through sensory play.


Working with Ella’s Kitchen’s nutritionists, we learned that the early ways children learn to grip their food, actually have exact parallels with how different animals grip items. This formed the basis of our narrative – the story of a child exploring a jungle of food and metamorphosising into animals along the way. Did we ever refer to it as Ovid for kids? As if we would.


We worked with children’s illustrator Fiona Galloway to bring the story to life.


And made the book available for purchase online and via audio platforms and gifted it to media and influencers.


We landed 56 pieces of media coverage (including: MailOnline, OK!, Daily Mirror, Daily Star, BBC) with a silly reach figure of 1.6billion. Campaign highlight: Martin and Roman Kemp reading the story live on ITV.


You can get your copy here: