The Savage Short



The Campaign

A Safe Account Fraud is when someone calls you up, tells you that your bank account is under attack and that you need to move the entire contents of your current account to a “Safe Account”. You’d naturally be forgiven for assuming our target audience for this campaign was Britain’s Idiot Population.


However, the average sum scammed in a Safe Account Fraud is over £5,000. The scammers are scamming professionals. People like us. But… picture the scene. The baby is screaming, you’ve got a pan boiling over, you’re thinking about that presentation you’ve got to write, the phone rings and it sounds like someone from the bank and they actually they do know a fair few bits of information about you anyway and then the doorbell goes and… oh shit, before you know it, it’s happened to you.


We weren’t going to reach this audience with facts and stats they didn’t think they needed. We had to entertain first, educate second.


So, our starting point was to look to culture. Where in recent times has complex financial information been explained without it being deathly boring?


You know that bit in The Big Short? The famous bit where Margot Robbie explains the financial crash while sipping champagne in a bath for some reason?


Well, what if we just reshot it? But with Robbie Savage explaining Safe Account Frauds instead? Both have long blonde hair. Both are called Robbie. We thought it was really funny.


So did Robbie Savage. In fact, he took great delight in tagging @MargotRobbie in all of his social content.


And we had a right laugh making it. Turns out, journalists thought it was pretty funny too with the campaign attracting pretty amazing coverage in pretty much every national.