The Slow Fashion Store



The Campaign

Going out on Friday? Want to Instagram the night loads? But you’ve already posted pics of your best outfits recently so you’ve 100% got to buy at least a few new bits online.


Well, how about don’t?


Fast fashion is a serious problem. According to Clothes Aid, 3,000,000 pieces of clothing end up in landfill a year in the UK, which is causing massive harm to the environment. Not only that, but the fashion industry is the third biggest global polluter after gas and oil. We wanted to take a stand on behalf of non-toxic soap brand method – and show the UK how to be more conscious when it comes to looking good.


And so, we created The Method Slow Fashion Store in the heart of Shoreditch, to put the fun back into buying second hand clothes. We teamed up with celebrities and influencers to help lead the way by donating their pre-loved garments for the public to buy second hand, with all proceeds going to Clothes Aid. Visitors to the store could also donate their unwanted clothes, or get their older garms customised to give them a new lease of life.


The store looked like any other premium Shoreditch store, yet held thousands of unique second hand garments, raising thousands of pounds for Clothes Aid.


Our media and influencer relations campaign delivered over 120 pieces of coverage and influencer posts with a massive reach of over 245 million. The store was even highlighted by environmental journalist, Lucy Seigle in her Guardian column following ‘Stacey Dooley Investigates, Fashion’s Dirty Secret’s’ BBC documentary, showing we were right on the wave of the hot topic.