The Vagina Emoji



The Campaign

Everyone knows what the 🍆 emoji is.

However, when it comes to the female genitalia, the internet has yet to reach emoji consensus.
Whatever emoji you use to describe your vagina doesn’t matter. What does matter are smear tests and, shockingly, 1 in 3 women are currently skipping their cervical screening out of fear and embarrassment.
So, we worked with Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust and Twitter to help smash the stigma around smear tests by encouraging women to post whatever emoji they use for their bits and, in doing so, help make it easier to talk about smear tests.
A pretty simple idea resulted in a pretty enormous results.
The campaign trended on Twitter for two days and secured blanket coverage across the UK.
Celebs tweeted, MPs tweeted, and, most importantly, we doubled conversation on social media around sexual health.
Btw, the top emojis used were  🦋 🌹 🌸 📕 ⛳
Special mentions also go to:
The Aries Zodiac symbol: ♈
The Antigua and Barbuda flag: 🇦🇬
The No Entry Sign: ⛔