Turner Prize Live



The Campaign

Facebook wanted to encourage people to embrace Facebook Live. However, broadcasting live can be pretty daunting.


We needed an idea that would not only give ordinary people a reason to go Live, but also give the media a reason to write about ordinary people going Live.


Our strategy: Locate and leverage a polarising cultural calendar moment when people feel their opinion is of greater interest to their friends than usual.


Fortunately, the UK is a country built on invisible deep-seated divisional lines.


Marmite, love it or hate it?

Brexit, in or out?

The Turner Prize, art or total rubbish?


We decided to go with the latter.


We brokered a partnership with Tate. It wasn’t easy. Photography, videos, and talking loudly into your phone tends to be largely discouraged at galleries. However, we were able to convince the gallery that it needed to move with the times a bit and what better way to be inclusive and ‘democratic’ than to give a platform to each and every visitor to share their views and essentially become an art critic.


The result: Turner Prize Live. The world’s first ‘Public View’. The first time a gallery has actively encouraged people to get their phones out and tell their mates whether they think the art they’re looking at is actually a deeply moving contemplation of the human condition…. or just shit.


And, just like that, our little PR agency had an idea that completely changed the way the nation interacted with the UK’s biggest art prize (and finally we were able to explain to our parents what we do for a living).


Total reach: 79million.