Swipe Left


Lucy Baker Romans Creative Author of Swipe Left Romans Creative Lucy Baker has only gone and become a published author!

Swipe Left, published by Harper Collins, is a fully-illustrated guide to the tricky world of online dating.

Lucy has previous form in this space, with her songs ‘Don’t Send Girls Pictures of Your Penis’ and ‘Dating App Rap’ being covered extensively by the UK media. 

Baker said: “When I finally got to London after 3 years of fruitless uni snogging, the outlook looked pretty bleak. I’d exhausted all opportunities and so naturally, I turned to dating apps to find the man of my dreams. Let’s just say expectation didn’t meet reality… after trawling through bathroom selfies, topless tensers and cringe-worthy bios that my own grandmother could have written better, I decided enough was enough. My frustrations initially manifested themselves as a rap, that I innocently put on YouTube only to find that a lot of people shared my opinion. This book is an evolution of that, extending to advice for all singletons.”