Young Lions Winners



Our awesome creatives Jack and Ottilie only went and won the UK Young Lions competition.

After beating 68 other teams they will now be single-handedly representing for the UK PR industry over in Cannes against competitors from around the world. We’re all very proud.

The British Heart Foundation provided the competition brief. The ask? Deliver a message of ‘sudden devastation’ to make people realise heart attacks can happen to anyone, any time.

Here’s the winning deck:



Ottilie Ratcliffe said: 

“The British Heart Foundation’s brief was a seriously challenging one: convey the sudden devastation heart attacks cause and make people sit up and think this could happen to me, any time, anywhere. Our solution: a stage-managed moment with huge shock value resulting in the apparent death of a major Hollywood actor. It’s fair to say we were a little nervous about how the client would respond!” 

Jack Davy said: 

“The reason Ottilie and I love PR is because of the creative freedom it offers – we’d hate to be confined by the restrictions of a 30 second TV spot. We’re hugely grateful to the PRCA and ICCO for giving us this opportunity and honoured to be representing the UK PR industry in Cannes.”