Young PR of The Year


Team Rome had quite a bit of success at the PR Moment Awards this month, scoring three new bits of silverware for our trophy cabinet. We also necked a bottle of tequila. One of us might have been tricked into going to Tiger Tiger.

Best of all, our Ottilie was named Young PR Professional of 2017. To celebrate, we asked her a bunch of generic questions about PR and her career to date.


Ottilie Ratcliffe





What are you currently working on?

Life at The Romans is very varied at the moment – I’m working on fusing the worlds of darts and ballet to create Darts: The Ballet. We’re also planning an original content series for a new lingerie client, and working on what will be an epic camera launch – all coming soon, watch this space.

What do you love about PR?

Having deeply earnest conversations on the phone about how to create dart-inspired ballerina outfits.

That and PR’s unrivalled array of skill-sets – you will never be bored, and you’ll never stop learning in this industry. Particularly at the moment, when the media landscape is evolving so fast, and we’re all adapting to the dominance of digital. Keeping up and staying relevant is what makes what we do stay exciting.

What pisses you off about PR?

That people think it’s basically advertising. PR is very much its own discipline, and the objective of securing earned media means you have to create something that people genuinely care about, that they want to share and engage with.

What’s your advice to someone looking to get into PR?

Read the news! If you want a career in PR, you have to consume media like it’s an avocado with one more day left in it.

What’s your proudest PR moment?

Winning PRCA Young Lions and learning that Jack and I are representing the UK in Cannes, competing to win an actual Cannes Lion – something I’ve coveted ever since I was a new grad.  

What will be different about PR in 5 years time? 

The focus of what we do will have shifted away from targeting media and will be increasingly influencer-based. It’s happening already, news online is already pulling its content from social media, and that trajectory will continue until PR is about getting the right message disseminated by the right people rather than onto the right news platform.

What’s your next work goal? 

Replace Joe Sinclair as Creative Director.

But before that, win a Gold Lion.

How do you switch off from work? 

It’s difficult with PR, because there’s always more you could do. You just have to learn to shut the door on it, because actually it’s while you’re busy thinking about how much your legs hurt in Barre class, or what to order for your next cocktail when the right idea pops out at you.